Hello everybody, I am going to explain how was my experience with Architect-US to get the J1 visa sponsorship, the period of time, the monitoring of the process and the quality of the service.

As many of you know, after being selected for a job position in the USA, you will need to find a visa sponsor which helps you to get the visa (In my case it’s a visa J1- Internship).

My host company, Gilsanz Murray Steficek, contacted Architec-US to do all that procedures and after studying their prices I decided to continue the process with them.  I started filling and getting all the required visa documents in January (it takes some time – 1 or 2 weeks). During this period the company has to fill some more documents too. After these 2 weeks Architect-US helped me finding another sponsor because there were some rules from the first sponsor that my company didn’t want to sign. They worked hard to solve this problem and found a good alternative.

Then, when all the documents from both sides (host companyintern) are done, Architect-US send them to the sponsor and it took around one month to ask for the appointment at the embassy (I did it in March and didn’t have to wait more than 2 days to get the appointment). The interview at the embassy was very easy and the accepted my application. Finally, one week after the interview I received my passport with my visa at home. The total process took around 1,5 – 2 months (it also depends on the time your company needs to do the documents and if they agree all the rules of the sponsor).

I thought that the quality of the service provided by Architect-US was very good. They helped me with all my doubts and found a good solution for all the problems. It was a good experience.

I hope to help you with this post. Thank you


Ignacio Ansorena


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