My New Family in USA- Carbon Design & Architecture (Carlson Studio Architecture)

My program began July 15,2019 in Sarasota, Florida. As usual there was a little anxiety because I was entering a new phase and going to be meeting new people which I think we all feel at some points of our life. But as soon as I entered the office, the feeling of anxiousness flew away in a flick of a second. I saw the poster ” Carbon Design & Architecture welcomes NISHTHA ”聽 right at the main door and the same following on my well organised desk and a few sweets and donuts as a welcome. This had been a very welcoming gesture by my teammates and I聽absolutely loved it.

We have a small team of architects, interior designers and LEED specialists who collaborate and work together. We all have our own聽share of responsibilities and right to speak of our own perspectives towards each design proposal or any step that has to be taken. It is an open environment where each one of us can place our views regarding anything and everything. This practice makes us more outward and is somehow better for bringing out the best in each other. The principal, Sean Williams always makes sure that we get to choose the project we want to contribute in and that we have the best exposure.聽We are more like a family where anyone can approach anyone, contribute their ideas, speak about the good or the bad, discuss with one another, pull each other’s legs sometimes lol!

It has been three weeks and I already feel so much in place. Talking about the projects, I am currently working on a net zero residential multi family development. This topic personally interests me and I love that I get to work on it completely right from designing to client meetings to material specifications and energy modelling. There have been other research projects that I shall start working on soon.

It has been a great experience working here and I am looking forward to learn more and contribute my best to it. Also I am planning for a weekend getaway soon, Stay tuned for my next blog about it 馃檪

Nishtha Sadana

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