Landing in LA!

These last few months have been hectic preparing my move to LA and at the end I didn’t have time to post before flying… but here I am after all!

I decided to come a week before starting my internship to look for accomodation, means of transport and meet a few friends, so I rented a car to make it easier. Things happen so quickly here in LA!

I am staying in Culver City, between Central LA and Santa Monica, and it looks to have a tremendous amount of architecture offices! I am taking advantage of this week before starting my internship to get to know my neighborhood and to visit some of the endless number of architectural spots around. The city is full of deconstructive architecture master pieces of Frank O. Gehry, Thom Mayne, Eric Owen Moss, Richard Meier… Only here you can understand the four ecologies that critic Reyner Banham used to describe LA: the coast, the valley, the highway and the hills. As far as urbanism is concerned LA is a unique and extremely interesting location. I hope to find the time to visit the case study houses and more architecture pieces and I will keep you posted!

I have bought a bicycle to move around Culver City; cycling is the new trend among LA people. There seems to be a lot of bike paths, cycling is the freedom to explore!! Today I went to Venice Beach, which is 30 minutes away cycling, and after swimming in the ocean I had some fish tacos in Santa Monica Pier, totally recommended. California’s weather is just perfect and nature looks more exuberant than I expected, palm trees are all over the place and I share here a picture of the sunset with some of those palm trees I took while coming back. Summer sunsets in California are amazing!!



Andres Conejero

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