Live in New York City

Definitely the American culture has been always so impressive to me.

Specially the cities. Even when I was a kid, I always feel so excited about the concept of the city. And maybe the easiest and the most accurate definition of city is New York City.

I’ve always dream to someday been there working as an architect.

During college, I always have this idea of work outside my hometown, and making some research I start founding that keep in touch with the most of the companies are very difficult, even more having an interview.

Making an intense research I found ArchitectUS, I inscribe to their program, and I think it’s a good way to make a real contact with firms, and even better, put me in contact with firms that I don’t really know.

That motivated me to work, and improve my portfolio, and also start having a deep approach about the work culture, and all the differences in the way of design in another country.

ArchitectUS put me in contact with a pair of offices in New York, and they always keep in touch with me about the process of the interview, since scheduling the interview to the final decision that they want to be part of their office.

I think it’s a huge opportunity, and definitely ArchitectUS make it better and easier. They expose your work to offices all around the United States, and if you get an offer job they do the whole paperwork that it is very complex.

I didn’t expect this process it’s gonna take that long, so I recommend to always try to keep in touch with your assessor, and ask all the questions you have. I’ll be sure you’ll always find answers and they will told you what to do in every specific ways.

It’s a great way to start the new year with this amazing opportunity un New York City at studioMDA.

Diego Perez

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