Virtual Happy Hour

As you guys know that The COVID-19 is might be getting settle down step by step more than the worst, but we need more time to completely overcome this difficulty. Since the circumstance changes depending on the moment, people have to respond to those flexibly and we need to put up with this until it goes away right now.

By the technological advance, now we can virtually communicate whenever with family, friends, and co-workers easily that people could use an application on the internet. Now, “Zoom” is one of the popular applications to do that everybody uses this one which is possible to join tons of people smoothly at the same time, and also sound/monitor is super clear.

Our firm has a culture of “Happy hour” every Friday evening, a lot of staff join and have a good time casually with beer. Then, we’ve not been doing that since it became this situation. However, we finally tried it with ZOOM last Friday. While taking a distance, we talked about a workplace of them in their home and played a virtual game: guessing whose workplace is this? It was a really good time, and super excited.

According to the above, I felt we are alive in an extremely convenient period. The world got closed by the Smartphone and tablet became popular from a few years ago. We can get all information whatever/whoever/whenever. Then, we can share those with SNS, and be able to get feedback. I feel we even don’t have any borders right now. So it is definitely possible to make home life awesome even if we can not go outside. I believe that we can absolutely meet a COVIT-19 head-on within the next few months.

Let’s try Happy hour with ZOOM everybody !! Keep safe and healthy !! Stay home !! Stay positive !!

Toshinosuke Matsuki


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