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SHoP Architects’ Selected Projects

SHoP is an acronym for Sharples Holden and Pasquarelli. SHoP Architects was founded in 1996 by Gregg Pasquarelli, Christopher Sharples, Coren Sharples, Kimberly Holden, and William Sharples. Currently, the firm has approximately 180 employees and work that has been exhibited internationally and included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

SHoP Architects’ interdisciplinary staff is proving—at sites around the world—that intelligent, evocative design can be made with real-world constraints.

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Architect-US J1 Visa Participants

María Moreno Repiso

Maria was the first J1 participant to join SHoP Architects in early 2017, after she finished her academic studies at IE School. Maria has since then been able to apply the knowledge and skills she learned at SHoP in her other job opportunities, and is now working at IDS in Madrid, Spain. Maria looks forward to her next opportunity to join the Architect-US JOB + J1 Visa Program and work at an incredible firm in the USA.

Hagar Admi

Hagar joined SHoP Architects in mid 2017, after they finished their academic studies at Neri Bloomfield School of Design Haifa. Hagar is now trying to get their next opportunity to join the Architect-US JOB + J1 Visa Program. 

Javier Martin de la Fuente

Javier joined SHoP Architects in early 2018, and since then has been able to secure a new role as a Designer at their NYC office. He has been able to contribute to their library project designs, and has applied his knowledge and skills from his time at IE School. Javier highly recommends others join the Architect-US JOB + J1 Visa Program and work at an incredible firm in the USA just as he has been able to with SHoP Architects.

Take a look at Javier’s most recent Portfolio Challenge submission, Vallehermoso Market.

Paula Lopez Vallespir

Paula was able to join SHoP Architects in their NYC office in 2019, just after she finished her academic studies at IE School. Maria joined the Architect-US JOB + J1 Visa Program to get this incredible opportunity to work for SHoP Architects.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

SHoP Architects’ Selected Projects

Flotsam & Jetsam

Since SHoP won the 2016 Design Visionary Award, they were provided with the chance to create an installation which would provide a gateway to the annual Design Miami fairSHoP’s experimentation was inspired by the city’s celebrated spirit of play, as well as its emerging role as a technology hub. Flotsam & Jetsam’s design is focused on two pavilions that use novel 3D-printing techniques from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Branch Technology. Thornton Tomasetti provided analysis of the structure, and at one point it was considered to be one of the largest 3D-printed objects ever produced.

The name is a playful reference to the sea, and a nod to the impermanent nature of the installation. Flotsam is the old nautical term for salvage found floating on the ocean (as in, after a shipwreck). Jetsam is cargo deliberately thrown overboard (as in, to lighten a ship in a storm).

Images by SHoP Architects 

East River Waterfront

It was in 2004, that SHoP Architects took on the challenge of designing and building a variety of different projects that are related to the reinvigoration of the long-neglected stretch of Lower Manhattan riverfront. It starts from the Financial District through the historic South Street Seaport to the historically underserved neighborhoods of the Lower East Side. Near the East River their project includes parks, recreation piers that incentivize active events, play areas and dog runs, integrated bikeways, and structures for retail and restaurants. Since the beginning of their master plan they have collaborated with community, city, and other stakeholders on the smallest architectural details.

Taking cues from New York City’s 19th century tradition of two-story recreation piers, Pier 15 is a center of activity for visitors and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. A planted open space is elevated to a second level, restoring views of the waterfront that have not been seen in generations.

Images by SHoP Architects 

Midtown Center

Midtown Center can be found in the center of Washington DC, and was created as a 14-story mixed-use office, dining, and retail complex arranged around a large new public plaza (as shown below). Midtown Center seeks to integrate with the environment, both urban and natural, while reflecting on the local architectural traditions through their unique glass-and-copper façade. Their reason for creating the plaza in the form you see below, was to create an architectural expression that provides the best solar shading possible, while directing maximal daylight towards the workplaces within. The bridges you see crossing over the new plaza provide those within the building with easy, weather-resistant access to different meeting rooms and parts of the office building that require direct access.

Images by SHoP Architects 

Do not forget that we will be posting more work by SHoP Architects in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work!! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

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