Social distancing in the suburbs of NYC

When we rented out apartment in 2019 June we simply wanted to take a break from the city and move to a calm location that is a bit away from the craziness of New York City, but still keeps the city at accessible distance. Having lived in crowded Hong Kong for many years, I already had my fair share of urban, high rise living, so I was ready to dial down the speed a bit and move to a more relaxing location. The various suburban areas of Westchester and Fairfield County are a great option for anyone, who wants to do that. There are frequent trains running on three lines: along the Hudson river, along the Long Island Sound and in-between the two, towards White Plains. If one has to choose between a river, the sea or land, I assume most people would choose water!

We began to love our suburban apartment even more when the coronavirus hit New York and the governor has issued strict social distancing regulations. Our firm has started working remotely from mid-March, so we were already settled back home when these rules arrived. Many of my colleagues has been stuck in their city apartments, whole some were fortunate to move back to their parents or relatives’ homes. One of my colleague is working from sunny LA! How cool is that!

We live in Greenwich, Connecticut, which sounds like it’s far away, because it’s in another state. If you examine the map closely, New York state has a funny shape and Connecticut wedges in at the south-east part taking up a big portion of the shoreline along the Long Island Sound. That part is Greenwich, CT! It’s a lovely sea-side town, no wonder, it’s one of the most coveted and expensive zip codes in the whole United States! Fortunately, we don’t have to pay more than, if we lived in New York City, but we can always get outside for a stroll along the sea…

That was, until the social distancing became a norm! Now all public parks are closed, clubs, bars and restaurants equally. We can only go to the street, if we wanted to go outside and that is what we do. Taking long walks or short jogs around the streets of our town. Fortunately, the streets are really nice! See attached picture..

Peter Koncz

I am an architect with 7 years of experience in the AEC technology sector.


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