Health care and Well-being during COVID-19

As you guys know, one of the biggest topics has been concerned about how we are keeping good health and well-being during this COVID-19 situation. When I walk through the city, many people were running in the park or riverside with keeping social distances. I personally feel that this phenomenon has been increased before the pandemic. Most of the employees are working remotely have the flexibility of the working time management by themselves. NYC is also still under this situation, so everybody takes care of balancing life and work balance at this point.

This photo shows one of the unique cultures in the USA where people are able to find the public basketball court in the park anywhere. In my country, it is a super rear, so I am so happy to play easily nearby my house. I was starting to play it with my friends, it is great well-being content for us right now.

Basketball is slowly getting popular in my country by starting Pro-league a few years ago though, it is still not popular than the NBA league. I feel that it is one of the good ways to create a public court by the government to increase the population of basketball players or fans in particular that there are held the Olimpic game in the next year. If there are some places, it is going to be casual to play it and may happen to create a positive reaction to the neighborhood, I hope it will become a more popular culture in my country near the future.

Finally, I thought a little more thing what is the most important thing for us to not feel stressed in this situation. We should stay well including sports with family, friends, or co-workers and communicating as much as possible to keep the social distances and encourage each other to meet head-on these difficulties.

Toshinosuke Matsuki


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