Liberty Statue New York
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A visit to Lady Liberty

My visit to the Statue of Liberty was an incredible experience!, even-though visiting Liberty Island is one of the most rewarding experiences of any trip to New York City or Jersey City I must say mine wasn’t the exception.  Visiting the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island National Immigration Museum featuring the Wall of Honor is a memorable experience for people from all over the world.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
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One of my biggest challenges during my first trips to New York from New Jersey (since my trainee program is in Hoboken at MVA Architecture),  was to crowdsource places to visit and things to do in the city. I was sent so many recommendations from my colleagues at MVA but something that almost everyone suggested was visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty initially seemed like another of the New York or Jersey City tourist attractions to tick off my list. It wasn’t something I was overly excited about but I felt like I couldn’t travel all that way without stopping by to see Lady Liberty. It wasn’t until I departed from Liberty Park and got there that I realized what an incredible experience it is.

You see, the Statue of Liberty isn’t just a huge statue of a lady, she’s a symbol of hope and freedom for the millions of people who emigrated to the USA and still is and will be for many years to come.

The statue was the first thing they saw when they first arrived by boat and an audio guide revealed what an emotional moment it was for most of them as it was for me!


Thanks, Architect-US and MV Architecture for this wonderful experience.


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