The Design Development Drawings have been completed remotely

Hey guys,

Today, I want you to share my first experience in the USA of what 100% Design Development Drawings submitted remotely including the design and drawing process for the client and contractor.

Fortunately, I had several experienced in my country before doing that, so I could imagine that briefly the overall process for completion and what we should do.

At first, we have proposed several design options that are approached by each strategy with individual strong points based on the situations to find out the best solution for the client. We have to always feel their philosophy and situation as professionals they stand for. In my opinion, an architect always should beyond their expectation, that is one of the grateful professional attitudes.

Secondly, the approved design in the above phase has to draw it down as precisely as possible for the contractor. To clarify is the most important into a drawing session I learned. Because all of the people involved are experts activated in each field and should have their knowledge and skill combine surely to achieve our goal. It means the real that essentially experts would be on the same page is continued to get highly their performance.

In addition to the above, I believe that scheduling for DD set submission is also significant. A designer in a junior position like me has to be aware of when a final deadline is. And that makes the middle deadline/internal review and daily tasks effectively. I learned it is a universal method to accomplish a goal even if there are some cultural and architectural differences.

Through this experience, I felt again that it is the interest of architecture. It would be expected to get those experiences every time, make me excited deeper and deeper.

Hopefully, we will see an end to the COVID-19 in the near future.

Toshinosuke Matsuki


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