Ready or not here I come!

My New (York) experience started just a bit more than one month and I can’t be happier of my choice. Many doubts and difficulties before to leave my previous job, home, family and friends starting alone a new experience in one of my favourite city in the world. Most of my friends told me that I was crazy, but I was going to live their dream too.

The first two weeks are the most difficult because I was alone in a big city trying to figure it out with all the new needs, like looking for a house, make all the documents to get my new bank account and start a new job in a new place. But then I felt happy to have decided to do this experience because I love my job and this city so I feel lucky to be here making this unique experience.

All of doubts and fears have gone when, during a lunch break after a hard morning of work, one of my nicest new friend and colleague brought me up that building and I looked what I had in front of my eyes and… WOW!

I started breathing and I said to myself: No doubts anymore! Just enjoy life!

And this is what I wrote on my desktop at work: ENJOY!

Because, no matter what, I want to remember myself every day, that I should be happy and grateful for the opportunity that I hardly got by living this fantastic experience that I dreamed so much and that will let me grow up as a professional and as an individual.

So I want to wish everyone that is thinking or is going to start this experience a happy US-dream to everyone! 馃槈


Vita Giacovelli

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