Millwork for Clients

I was trained as an architectural designer, but I find myself working more as an architectural project manager, which is both unnerving and an incredibly valuable learning experience. There are parts of it that I really appreciate – I’m a boss, for one! I am the sole connection to the client and I have to work with them to fabricate a design, which then must be translated to multiple agencies: the engineers, the contractors, lighting designers, sound engineers, governmental bodies, etc! It’s quite difficult to make sure that I’m communicating well enough so that all these groups are on the same page, but I love how empowering it is. Sometimes it’s quite funny to be giving directions to a large group of men who are twice my age!

At the stone mill this morning, my clients and I picked the stones they wanted to use in the kitchen. This particular project is moving so quickly. We have jumped from concept to reality much faster than I anticipated. It is my first project that I’m overseeing from start to finish. It is a complete refurbishment in Central Park – the clients have the entire floor (on the 30th level!) and yes, it is as gorgeous as you are imagining it to be. There are 360 degree views to the entire city because the outer walls are all windows. Our job is to demolish the entire interior and recreate it to their specifications. And what specifications they have! Normally, its not easy to hear a client’s every idea, but theirs are quite good – which makes this an emotionally rewarding experience for me. When you work with people who are as invested into the project as you are, it is so much more enjoyable.

Their design aesthetic can be described as contemporary but with palatial details, like crown mouldings and baseboards. In fact, it is quite hard to describe their style – I find it very unique. We are using millwork around the entire apartment. The millwork is a fluid piece that connects the whole way around the perimeter wall. Basically, the same piece of wood morphs from a daybed into a bench into a desk as it travels around the perimeter wall. At least, this is our design. We finished demolition last week and are now moving onto construction! I am “ecstatic” – a new word I learned from my new roommates!

I feel incredibly lucky to find roommates that I consider friends! They are my age, they like the same music as me, and they have fantastic humor! This is the beginning of something great – I can feel it.




Ines Sarmento

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