Fort Greene, how lucky I am to have found you.

March offered a glimmer of hope that Spring was on the way to NYC. We were graced with a few warm weekend days, days that begged for us to get outside and explore the boroughs beyond Manhattan. While touring Park Slope one weekend, a well-informed Brooklynite suggested that I take a tour of Fort Greene. Turns out, his advice was spot on. On this particular day (which had me walking all throughout Brooklyn), I found myself in Fort Greene in the late afternoon as the sun was low in the sky.

As the sun began to set, the town homes along the tree lined streets of Fort Greene became illuminated. I found myself among amazing brownstone buildings. As my friend and I strolled along the streets of Fort Greene saying “oh look at that one” and “that one” and “oh aren’t those windows amazing” and “oh that terrace, wow” I found myself dreaming of the day that I too would be able to make my own home in such a beautiful and bucolic neighborhood. Once the sunset, it was time to check out the other great offering of Fort Greene – the amazing local restaurants.

Turns out getting a table on a Saturday night in one of Fort Greene’s trendy restaurants is not so easy. After putting my name on the waitlist for numerous restaurants along Dekalb Street, I settled into a pub for a quick beer – almost giving up on the hopes that I would get a call back from one of these restaurants. Luckily, fate was on my side this day and upon sitting down at the pub I received a text message from Miss Ada, a modern Israeli restaurant. I couldn’t have been more pleased; the food was fresh and immaculately prepared. I highly recommend a stroll through the Fort Greene neighborhood and Fort Greene Park and I definitely recommend trying one of the great restaurants this neighborhood has to offer.

Marta Seoane


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