DC Trip

A trip to the nation’s Capital is always a good idea, especially since long-distance travel is so tricky in these times. Recently I have visited Washington, DC for a weekend getaway, it was a great change of pace.

To begin with, I have been on my first train ride in the US, it went very smoothly and with no delays. Tickets have become more affordable since the pandemic hit, so travelling by train has become a great alternative to the bus. There was enough spacing between passengers, so no worries corona-wise.

The weekend itself was very pleasant. We made the most of the good weather to walk around Georgetown, enjoying the Waterfront Park and Kennedy Center. It was great to see so many people outside, enjoying themselves and making the most of the end-of-summer weather. We also got to walk around the Watergate complex, a 1970s establishment which has become so infamous in American culture.

However, the most impressive part for me was walking around the Tidal Basin at sunset, where we got to see the Jefferson Memorial, a pantheon-style reservoir that honors one of the Founding Fathers. The dim twilight, together with the monumentality of the memorial, of Jefferson’s statue contributed to the gravitas of the moment. Furthermore, we continued the Tidal Basin walk and saw the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, as well as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. That afternoon and evening were a deep incursion in American history, that really made me think of the present and what’s to come.

I am very much looking forward to returning to the Tidal Basin in March, when all the cherry trees are in blossom. I am absolutely convinced the experience of the space will be completely shifted, can’t wait to see and feel exactly how different.

Theodor Harasim


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