Carlos de la Fuente provides his take of what a high performance center for athletes looks like for extreme sports. He chose the name Project Styx, referencing the river that one must cross to reach hell! That is how intense the training would be at Fuente’s extreme sports center!

Carlos de la Fuente created Project Styx as an academic project during his time at CEU San Pablo in Spain, and now he submitted it to the Portfolio ChallengeFuente has been working in Madrid at ACRE Architecture since last year and has been working towards getting the opportunity to work in the USA. Since he has joined the Architect-US family late last year, he has been focusing his efforts towards preparing for the professional world in the American architecture industry.

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This project proposes a high performance center for athletes from Extreme Sports. One of his biggest inspirations and goals was to face the reality of such a hard training through the Hell (Inferno) that Dante Aligeri showed in the Divine Comedy, in fact, it is one of the rivers that surrounds this Hell which gives the name to this project.

Using this dark scenario and adding some history from the area the project is located at, the shipwrecks from the pirate era in the caribbean sea, the space inside and outside the project guides these athletes through 9 different areas of training, as much as circles in Dante’s Hell, getting deeper and deeper inside the sacrifice to achieve excelence in their different disciplines. I had an inside ambition to look for human limits and get a dark sharp beauty from it, using local materials from the island and being respectful with the environment.

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Fuente used Autocad 2018, Rhino (for image 5 and 6), Octane Render, Vray (for image 4), Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to create Project Styx.

What aspects are important to consider when building an extreme sports practice space?!?! Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Carlos de la Fuente

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