An Open Atrium to the City

Check out another top notch project from one of our rising stars headed to Dallas to work at FAR+DANG under the great Bang Dang! Sanae Khalil submitted An Open Atrium to the City for the Portfolio Challenge, and she shows her rendering and mock up skills! Take a look and see what some of our 🔝talents are creating!! 👀👀👀

Sanae Khalil created An Open Atrium to the City and submitted it to the Portfolio Challenge. Sanae joined the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program family recently and got an offer from FAR+DANG at the start of the year. She is one of our 🔝 talents in the family, and she worked at Luis Vidal Architects as an Architectural Designer for two years. The project is the legal property of Luis Vidal arquitectos, and Khalil got the chance to form a part of the team that designed said project. She has worked on several large scale projects, participating in all phases Concept Design, Schematic Design and Design Development.

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Sanae has also been involved and helped develop international projects in the United States, Dominican Republic, and Spain. She got her Masters in Architecture from Sevilla University in 2014. She is a BIM Specialist and is looking forward to getting the chance to work in Dallas, Texas, and collaborate with some of the great minds.

The goal of the Open Atrium is to create an area that allows for collaboration, but also brings in light to the building. Sanae shows how the rendering process works to create the space and the connections between office areas.

How would you incorporate open space into your design?!?! Would you include nature or keep it empty? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇





Images by Sanae Khalil

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