Summertime in New York

If I had to choose the best timing, I would probably say that Summer is the perfect season of the year to land and to start your new life in New York. I was not really aware of that until I arrived here. The city is alive; it is full of energy, good vibes and lots of events that are going on all around the streets and parks. These events are the best way to know the city and to have a huge ‘Welcome to New York’.

Another great thing about these events is that most of them are completely free. This is really helpful fact to take into account once you realize how expensive it is to live here, and even more being a trainee, so you should come prepared!

Time goes by faster during the summer, you are always going to find something to do. With all the activities that are going on it may be a bit overwhelming, but it is definitely an amazing time to know the city or even trying just to walk around the streets without a final destination in mind. That is the best way to discover new places that you would have never known that where there otherwise. Let yourself be drawn into New York’s vibe, mingle with the crowd and you will see that this city is even more amazing than you thought it would be.

If you have the chance to be in New York during summer time, just go for it!

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