Architect-US business model

Architect-US Business Model

Architect-US: The first specialized program in professional experience in the USA for architects from across the globe.

Architect-US is an all-girl power team founded by Patricia Garcia, a Spanish Architect with international experience in award-winning design and architectural firms such as HOK, Herzog & de Meuron, Sir Peter Cook CRAB Studio, James Carpenter Design and AEDAS. In the following lines we tell you how is Architect-US business model.

We identified a gap in the market and decided to be the bridge to overcome it. One the one hand, talented architects from around the world wish to gain experience in the USA due to the distinct culture and design aesthetic. However, it’s hard to even for locals to get great opportunities so what chance does someone who needs a visa have to even be considered? On the other hand, the globalization of projects, the need for specific software knowledge and a different design view create a challenge for US companies to find specific skill sets locally.

The Architect-US business model solves the problems of the international candidates by:
– Taking the responsibility of sponsoring their J1 Visa (which is an inevitable legal requirement).
– Facilitating the J1 visa (which is 80% cheaper than other visas) and taking care of all the paperwork (in just 30 days).
– Considering clients’ preferences and procuring them a position (on average 3 times better paid than in their country).

At the same time, U.S.-based firms and studios benefit from our service as we:
– Offer them access to our global pool of talents at no cost.
– Match their staffing needs through a thorough selection process.
– Assume all visa responsibility so that financially and logistically it’s like hiring a local.

We have validated our Architect-US business model with more than 120 clients and 3000 potential leads registered in our Community from 113 countries and with a large partnership network of over 80 American architecture companies throughout the States.
We are excited to be the go-to specialized program in US professional experience for international architects but this is JUST the beginning for us…



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