Where to find peace in the big apple

Who said that in Manhattan there is no place for peace and relax? I know one spot, in the middle of Manhattan, and today I want it share with you. The place I am referring is known as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. This place is without doubt my favorite spot on the city.

It is located in right in the middle of Central park between the 86th and 97th street. You can access from different sides, but I would recommend you the entrance next to the Guggenheim Museum on the East. This was one of the first spots I discovered when I arrived in NYC. I don’t live too far from there so I try to go every time I can, alone with friends, for running or for a walk. This place has something special for me, the amazing views are always reflected in the water or the amazing sunsets with the sun hiding behind the skyline of the city, the contrast between the nature and the city behind, and the silence that is not so easy to find in the city all that combined make this place is and amazing spot, a must to visit. If you have the opportunity to go there, do it! Also, if you are fan of brunch NYC is the place! And right there on the 90th East there is a super cute cafe located in an old part of the church that is next to it. The name is Bluestone lane Upper East Side, it belongs to a chain but this one is a bit more special than the other because of the location and the interior of the cafe with all the arcades proper of a church. The food it is really good and the terrace with central park in front make them the perfect day for a sunny weekend brunch with friends!

I hope I will go back soon had so much fun last time my friends and I organized that plan!

Maria Diego

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