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Top 10 Applications for Architects and Designers

During these trying times we wanted to provide architecture and design firms with some highly-recommended tools for mobile work. These top 10 applications range from design to planning to construction to feasibility tests. Here at Architect-US we are always thinking of new ways to assist you and challenge you to improve your operations and efficiency. Please take a look below at the top 10 applications for architects and designers to go paperless and collaborate remotely.

AutoCAD Mobile App

AutoCAD mobile app (formally known as AutoCAD 360) is an easy-to-use drawing and drafting mobile app allowing you to view, create, edit and share drawings – from anywhere. AutoCAD has always been designed for immediate exchange of information.

Work on the latest drawings from home and share with your entire team! The app allows you to see realtime updates from AutoCAD software, access drawings from cloud accounts, and it’s available for both iOS and Android. It is made for mobility and remote work by providing both the design and mark up tools on an offline.


ArchiReport helps you generate detailed reports with photos, designs, drawings and annotations. It can track works being done by your team and affiliate companies automatically. It helps you cut down administrative work and thus saves you time!

The main goal of the app is to make communication with clients easier and make design amendments clearer to understand. Think of this app as an all in one communication board for all parties involved in the project. It provides access to site reports and designs, as well as background information to customers.

Paper by FiftyThree

Paper by FiftyThree helps you with activities such as note-taking, highlighting photo details, creating sketches or entire artworks. The app is highly-renowned and is useful and user-friendly. Many principals around the country consider it to be one of their key tools for their firms!

Morpholio Trace

Morpholio is a highly-regarded brand that creates architectural tools for all kinds of tasks. In this case, Morpholio Trace has implemented augmented reality to help trace designs off of paper.

Morpholio was created by architects, so they understand what each firm is looking for. Trace allows you to draw on top of images from your camera or imported. It is able to mix the effortlessness of sketching with the precision of CAD. It features drawing tools, custom stencils, and an AR perspective finder that help to correctly set vanishing points. Think of this app as a shared piece of electronic paper, which allows the users to layer comments or ideas. Perfect for remote work!

Concepts: Smart Sketching

Concepts believes they have created an app that is better than the classic pen and paper. It is ideal for architects and designers to go paperless. They claim to be able to help designers and engineers complete around 80 % of all design tasks. Concepts makes the process of sketching and re-sketching much easier. Take it anywhere you go and you can start working from home with it too!


Modelo allows for you to share your 3D design with coworkers and clientele. No longer do you have to switch your 3D work to 2D to allow for clientele to access your work.

Modelo was created as a solution for this access problem. By using WebGL, a JavaScript API that allows you to show 3D designs in any web browser, Modelo helps share your designs with all parties involved without any extra extensions or programs. Their customized rendering engine and compression algorithm makes the file size much smaller and easier to share.


Vectary is a simple application used for 3D design and is so easy to use that beginners can learn the available tools quickly. Vectary 2.0, an updated version, allows for much more collaboration by allowing up to 3 designers to simultaneously work on a single 3D scene. With the click of an “Invite” button you can share a URL to anybody. It is very similar to Google Drive, but for architects and designers. If you have many different projects to work on, we recommend the premium version so you can import and export 2D and 3D files and work on 100 personal projects.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based application that allows you and your coworkers to connect and work on the entire product development process all on one application. It includes all the standard modeling tools, and it offers environments for creating surfaces and sheet metal parts. Most of your design can be finished through this single platform. Features such as static stress or thermal analysis allow you to test your work as well. The cloud-based nature of the program makes it easily accesible anywhere in the world.


Pair provides an application that allows architects to drag-and-drop 3D models of consumer furnishings and appliances into their designs using iPhones or iPads. By using augmented reality technology the app provides architects and consumers with the ability to walk around a virtual 3D product like it is in their home. Such realistic interaction with the final product allows for your clientele to have a better feeling as to what they like and don’t like about the design.


MagicPlan is a tool for drawing interior plans but this process can be done with just the use of pictures. You simply stand in the middle of a room and let your device detect each corner, door and window, producing a plan that is around 95% accurate! A great app for feasibility studies and it allows for one person to go to the site and record every necessary detail in a quick and easy way.


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