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Many of our Job+J1 Visa Program participants and community members have been requesting more support when it comes to accomplishing their career goals and perfecting their portfolios. With the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, now is the ideal time to have a mentor that can help guide you through these hectic times. Consider how you will adapt your career to the changing circumstances that COVID-19 has brought on. We have heard those requests, and created a Portfolio Plans and Career Advice Program to assist our community in that change.

The profession is heading into uncharted territory and the labor market has been negatively impacted. With such uncertainty, now is the ideal time to have a mentor that can help guide you through these hectic times. At Architect-US we have you covered with a variety of services that can assist you in your self-improvement and career planning. Our Job+J1 Visa Program participants and community members have both been requesting an official service that reviews Portfolios, so we have created the Portfolio Plans and Career Advice Program.

We provide coaching and personalized mentorship, so you can have a professional and experienced take on your next steps in your career, as well as a great team to confide in. Our Selection Committee of architects and designers with 10+ years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the Architectural Industry recognizes when a candidate has ‘the eye’ and takes them to the next level.

While there are many factors that you cannot control in this hectic environment, your personal decisions and the work you put in are factors that you can control. With so much free time available now is the time to improve your skills and strategize how you are going to navigate the ever-changing job market. Perhaps the most important component of any Architecture Job Application is the portfolio. The key is to tailor it not only to the position to which you are applying but also to the correct stage in the application process. The first impression you make via this document impacts your future possible opportunities, so you should definitely take this seriously.

Below you will find the three services we provide within the Portfolio Plans and Career Advice Program, as well as a breakdown of what each offers:

Portfolio Redmarks is our base level package, which provides you with not only one Portfolio review, but a second review of your amended version. We seek to create a strong and healthy dialogue between our Program advisors/Mentors and our participants. Remember! Your Portfolio is your business card in the industry, and it is often your first impression. If you want an even more customized and personal Portfolio Review that covers even more aspects as the Redmarks package, then try out our most popular package, the Portfolio Report.

The Portfolio Report adds even more depth to the analysis and constructive criticism provided to you by reviewing 15 key aspects that make or break a Portfolio. During the two week period, we will guide you through step-by-step the overwhelming task of creating a successful portfolio so you can land your dream job.

If you are determined to WOW your next employer, then look into our 1on1 Session package, which includes a 30 minute Skype session with an Architect-US Career Mentor who will provide you with specialized coaching going over your portfolio, career path, long-term professional goals and any specifics you want to discuss or need guidance with as well as a four-stage review process.

Let us guide you in your career and help you make the most of your work and potential! The opinion of an objective third-party is always important when looking for constructive feedback to improve. Get the experts’ guidance you need to make your portfolio shine bright like a diamond and choose the portfolio plan that best suits your needs.

We aim to provide you with as many tools to improve your career and opportunities. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and inquire about joining our Job+J1 Visa Program, so you can achieve your American Dream!



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