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Virtual working room

Screen working room and the new way of working with the pandemic of COVID-19.

Arriving the day before the international shut down of the airline connection was a challenge… working two weeks with the office with half of the team.. and now nearly one month working from home, has been a surprising change.

COVID-19 virus is definitely an unprecedented mark in my generation heated by the economic crisis of 2008 and now a health crisis of the beginning 2020, that on my point of view will end in a big economic crisis too.

However, this massive change and calamity I’m fortunate in the field where the work can be done from home and Virtual rooms, like Zoom, Team meeting… have been a big help and a precious util to face this new way of working in a creative industry.

And why is so useful this virtual room?

This virtual rooms are really easy to set up, use and manage. We can share screens, annotate in the screen that we are watching, move the others colleges work  and change it directly. And even better we can use it in our computer or even mobile phone.

This kind of software have been a great util to make my  dairy workflow, as a trainee of Landworks, easier, pleasant and very instructive.

Here you have some links that can help you to know more about virtual meetings:




The quarantine is finishing and some news announce the reopen at 20th May and until then with our era of technology I will able to  be in the front line of news and work in my office via internet. The next phase will be another challenge… re-adaptation to the office with the new limitations of personal distance, using of mask and probably continuing with the virtual rooms to discuss ideas with the clients.

There a new form of working that is starting to generalize, and as usual … we are re-adapting and seen the future with optimism!

Susana Gonçalves


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