How I got the opportunity to work in NewYork

I am an architect but also a lighting designer. After working in Spain some years, I decided the best way to improve in my career was to work abroad. New York is the top in the lighting design field so I surfed through Google until I found Architect US. I found on Youtube that they had made some speaches in the UPM and the university had recommended them. I called them and they explained to me everything about the process and I started to look for a job.
I found the perfect offer in a Lighting Design Studio in Lower Manhattan. I applied for it and after some emails and talking with the company, I got and an interview through Skype. I was very nervous about my English, but the owner of the company was very nice and understood. I had a second interview where they checked my level of profiency with AutoCad and I got the job!
My visa process started! The people from Architect US were so helpful and available to answer all my questions. I remember, in order to be more effective and make the process faster, I carried every day my laptop and all my documents just in case they needed it. Every day was a new step in the process.
Finally, I received my FedEx package and I got my embassy appointment. I felt afraid because everything was working so well, fast and easy that I thought something was going to be wrong. But It wasn’t. My Visa was approved and after one week I received it at home.
The timing was something that worried me because I didn’t want to lose the offer. However, it took a short time, and Sonia and Pablo from Architect US worked very fast. Now, I have packed all my stuff and I am ready for this new moment in my career in the United States!

Marta Seoane

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