New beginnings


My name is Alejandro and I am an Architect from La Coruña, Spain. I started my studies at my home town and after I finished I moved to Barcelona to study a Master In Renovation and Restoration. When I was there I was able to fulfill on of my dreams, living in China, as I got an scholarship to study in Shanghai for 1 year, then I came back to Barcelona and I have been working there until now.

After the chinese experiencie, my goal was to achieve my number one dream as an architect…living and working in NEW YORK! Since I was a kid New York has always been in my mind, the city that never sleeps and full of buildings and stories to tell, and, as a result of my studies in the field of architecture, I started to be more and more attracted to the city and its life and architecture.

I started to apply to different positions in NYC and Andrew, from Andrew Suvalsky Designs was the one that believed in me to start my american dream! I then contacted Architect-US and everthing went smoothly. Andrew and I are very happy that we can start working together very soon!

Architect-US will provide you with all the information you need and will make it look easy, all the documentation was easy to get and the appointment at the embassy was very fast and easy, a few questions and visa the visa was approved. Don’t be affraid of the officers as they are not going to ask anything out of the ordinary.

I want to make the best out of this experiencie, become a better architect and be part of this incredible city!

I can’t wait to tell you more in my next article. Let’s see how the city treates me!


Alejandro Corral


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