Gone with the Wave: Multifunctional Industrial Complex for the Revitalization of a Former Landfill in Lagos, Nigeria

Victoria Fedorova, a great talent in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, created ‘Gone with the Wave’, which was shortlisted for the Tamayouz Excellence Award. Fedorova created a redesign of a former landfill in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. She tried to reinterpret waste management through design intervention. Fedorova studied industrial architecture at Moscow Architecture institute for her Bachelors degree, and is now enrolled at IAAC university for her Masters degree.

Victoria Fedorova, one of our rising stars in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, studied industrial architecture at Moscow Architecture institute for her Bachelors degree, and is now enrolled at IAAC university for her Masters degree. ‘Gone with the Wave’, the project that Fedorova submitted was shortlisted for the Tamayouz Excellence Award. Fedorova aimed to redesign a former landfill in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, which features a sports complex, educational facility and provision of working places. By examining waste management through design intervention, Fedorova was able to provide a blueprint for repurposing landfills all over the world. Fedorova stated that she was scrolling through the page listing architectural contests and she came across one of ArchOutLoud competitions, which aimed to repurpose an abandoned landfill in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Since Fedorova started her education, it was a combination of encouragement and enthusiasm that made her interested in studying architecture. It was at an Architecture At Zero competition when Fedorova did a ‘sketch’ with a few sharp strokes that guided her to the path of her future career and to the field of activity she is curious about. In other words, it was the first experience designing a passive building, and Fedorova realized that architects have a powerful tool in their hands, which can help us to adapt to climate change. Fedorova wants to explore new shapes and materials and how they interact with the environment. Fedorova views every space as an opportunity to inspire and evoke emotions within the person who enters it, a silent dialog starts between a visitor and an architect, who tried to make this space both aesthetically and environmentally efficient.

In ‘Gone with the Wave’, Fedorova used Revit, Rhinoceros, 3dsmax, v-ray, and photoshop to create all of these layouts and designs.

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Images by Victoria Fedorova

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