Ellina Poltavtseva – Bathhouse

The Bathhouse is a reinterpretation by Ellina Poltavtseva, one of our rising stars in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, who studied Architecture at Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy). The building was created as a place for meetings and communication, not just washing. Poltavtseva aims to bring back public places to the city and the Bathhouse incorporates unique sculptures to create an exclusive emotional experience for the public.

Ellina Poltavtsevaone of our rising stars in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, studied Architecture at Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) and created Bathhouse as an academic project in her final year.

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Building an interpretation of a Bathhouse not just as place for washing, but as place for meetings and communication. Bathhouse brings back public places to the city. The building consists of straight perimeter and sculptural “stuffing” of public baths. The perimeter consists of apartments for one or two people and build on grid six on six meters. All spaces of public baths are unique sculptures each of them create exclusive emotional experiences. Thus, Poltavtseva created this project to focus on how the individual feels when interacting with a new way of bathing, as well as collaboration with their fellow citizens.

Poltavtseva used Sketchup, V-Ray, Autocad, and Photoshop to create Bathhouse. The variety in the kinds of software she used allowed for her to create a variety of perspectives. Not just from the interior of the Bathhouse, but also from the exterior and the way the building interacts within the cityscape.

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Images by Ellina Poltavtseva

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