To get a general overview and understand why the city of New York is like it is, you shouldn’t miss going to the Museum of the City of New York. Located at Museum Mile (Fifth Ave at 103rd, facing Central Park) is not a very big museum but not less interesting.

On the ground floor there is a main exhibition that explains very clearly and visually the history and evolution of New York City. 400 years ago, from the time it was explored by first European coloners, until now and trying to figure out how it will be in the future. The initial movie is very comprehensive and every digital infographic is very clear and easy to follow at the same time you can see some original artifacts and drawings.

On the upper floors you can see some temporary exhibitons related with the city and its people. When I was there, I visited an exhibition about New York activisms, another one about gay and underground culture in the city and another one about New York and Zoning. This last may be the most interesting one for architects because it shows you how urban regulations have shaped and are shaping New York skyline. It’s kind of shocking to see how slenders skyscrapers are going to be and how even more dense this city will be…!

I totally recommend this museum, but I feel you have to go more than once to get a deeper knowledgment about he city. 


museum of the city of ny


Miguel de la Ossa


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