A rainy day. When it rains in Manhattan, they say that it is best to go to a museum. It was a Sunday and I was getting ready to organize the week when suddenly I remembered that I wanted to go to see a museum for some time. I opted for the Frik Museum. When I made the queue to enter, everything was very normal, but as I went deeper into the rooms of the building, I could not stop looking around me. They say that the best thing about seeing a museum of history is what you get to understand from how they lived before, well, I not only understood it, but I revived it. According to I read and they told me it was a wealthy aristrocata from the 1800s whose job, he owned all the metallurgy at that time, allowed him to buy Renaissance works of art. Not only could I see and know the enthusiasm that this man had for art, but for everything in general. Each room was designed to transport you back to that time of the eighteen hundreds, along with that painting, which he had specifically bought and ordered to hang in his daughter’s bedroom, a hallway or his own desk. Not only I was transported but, for a moment, I felt identified with the promoter and owner of the one that bears his name in the museum. They make you think like he thought at the time.

Marta Barcia

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