Meeting clients and other professionals

Time here in Tucson is going so fast, this is probably because I have been really busy but having a lot of fun at work.

Many things have happened during the last month. I have had the opportunity to be rotated around different areas of the office, from design to meeting clients in person. We have also been able to attend conferences and talks that have definitely influenced my professional training.

Rick Joy, one of our masters architects has been invited to the Interiors Hall of Fame so we have been collaborating on the site project visits for photo shutting sessions, videos and interviews. We have also helped on the studio organisation and the making and repairing of architectural models.

I have also have there pleasure to see one of our projects concluded at Scottsdale, Arizona. On this project we were consultants for the lighting fixtures and furniture selection and the placement of the elements into the house. The process was really challenging, it was foundamental for us to take in to count, the style of the house, owners preferences and cultural background and our studio philosophy, for this reason a very clear and close communication among designers, fixture distributors, contractors and owners was necessary as well as clear design instructions translated into plans, renders and collages, they were really useful for the work progress.

Meeting clients in person and flowing up the process very closely was really valuable for as as designers, meeting you client needs and expectative are one of the most specials feelings that I could ever had, it has also been  inspiring to jump on to new interiors and lighting design adventures.

Attending IALD the International Association of Lighting Designers convention at Albuquerque, New Mexico has been an extraordinary experience. At the conferences you do not only have the opportunity to attend outstanding talks related to lights, arts, design and architecture but also meeting many people with different professions that are currently working on the lighting design field.

Sebastian Espinoza

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