Month 1 – Adjusting to life in New York

The first month has sped by. I’ve really been settling into working at GF55 and the work environment here. In the beginning, though, it’s really been something I’ve had to adjust to. An 8-hour working day is very different compared to a flexible university week – my hours are set and I had to get into a fixed rhythm. This also meant more precise planning in order to fit extra things into my week. Furthermore, I’ve had to get some time to get used to the design programs they use and the standards that I am to adhere to in order for everything to remain aesthetically consistent and according to their brand. Over time, I’m sure I’ll get the hand of it. So far, though, it’s been interesting to try and understand the standard that I have to uphold and learn about how they use their software programs in the office.

The apartment where I’m staying is in one of the best locations imaginable. It lies on the edge of Central Park in Upper West Side. This means quick and easy access to Central Park and the rest of Manhattan due to the close proximity to the subway. Furthermore, the area is relatively quiet and not as bustling and busy as the rest of the city. What’s even better is that the famous Billionaire’s row is within walking distance and their skyscrapers that are being constructed in that area are daily within view. Billionaire’s row is the name given to a set of high-rise apartments for the ultra-wealthy. They have the most incredible view of New York (and especially Central Park) and serve as a source of inspiration and symbolise New York’s architectural innovation.

Speaking of architecture, I’ve already visited the World Trade Center – the site has been astonishing and I FaceTime-ed my friends while being there, as they share my interest in its architecture (It mostly fun to show off where I was and make them jealous). Of course, I also visited the memorial site. Although the atmosphere was a little more solemn, it still stands out as a vital piece of New York’s history and is important in remembering the tragedy that occurred in 2001.

Overall, I’m really curious to explore more of this great city. I hope to eventually venture more outside of Manhattan and explore the other boroughs. I’ve heard that especially Brooklyn and Queens are exciting.

Ingo Aelbers

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