Visa approved, NYC is closer than ever!!!

This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for, my J1 visa has been approved, and it´s just happening right now, faster than I could have imagined! New York is closer than ever, all thanks to Architect-US!!

I can´t tell exactly how or when I got into their website, I know I was still studying by then, but I kept an eye on their website ever since then because I knew they were the company I´ve been looking for so long!! I´ve been to the US before, I took several English courses in NYC and LA, and studied as an international student at Missouri Southern State University, but I´ve never had the chance to get an internship or professional experience in architecture in the USA, it just seemed impossible at the time, but as they say: It always seems impossible until it´s done! I guess you just have to find the right people to help you with all the process, and I can surely tell that my american dream is now possible because of the incredible team of architect-US. The process might seem difficult, long and tiring at the beginning as all beginnings afterwards, but with them you are not alone anymore, they make it easier, they solve every single doubt you might have, and they are always there to help you, always kind and receptive to your messages.

All I can tell from my experience so far is to have patience, you are in good hands, good things take time, but with them you can be more than sure that your american dream will come true!! In a short period of time I went from the person who was reading all the post on their website to writing my very first post here, and I am extremely excited about this opportunity, definitely an experience of a lifetime! Once I was accepted in the program everything happened very fast, they sent me different offers, and a week after my very first interview I was lucky enough to get an offer at Inglese Architecture + Engineering in Cedar Grove. I have to say I was very nervous during the interview since it was my first interview through skype, so I was not sure if I did my best or not, but it turned out well in the end.

All in all, I can´t be more thankful to Patricia García and the architect-US team for encouraging me during the process and helping me with absolutely everything, from personal and professional advice to all the papers needed to make my american dream come true in no more no less than NYC!! Patricia is very personable and kind, and also by being an architect herself with previous experience in the States makes her understand better what you need and what best suits you.

In a few days I will take off to The City That Never Sleeps, working in an exciting company and probably getting to experience the best of both worlds, New York City and New Jersey. I still have to figure out where I will stay, the commute to work, and the documents needed to get started once in the USA, but I will definitely do the best I can to make the most of this unique experience! I will let you know more once there!


Cristina Marin


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