Working from Home

Definitely, the coronavirus affects us all. All the industries, all the countries, all the jobs, all the opportunities, all the people. It has been very interesting the way of how the countries handle this important situation, and how it’s been affected our daily life.

New York it becomes the center of the pandemic. It sounds scary and frightening, even more, when we work a lot and finally consolidate the “American dream” and have to go through all of this. But here we are, and not is all bad news. I’m really impressed how the offices, and the clients, and the people that surrounds our daily work life, been active, really proactive. Of course, it doesn’t feels the same, being in the office, than working from home, but at the same time it isn’t not a limit working from home, and how my teammates have acted, it has been a very enriching experience of how to deal in extremely conditions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic is.

This experience has driven me to be more proactive in my way of designing, and learning, and thinking. Even the communication between workmates and clients, has been changed, but we have all had used to this new methods, and make use of the new technologies to complete our jobs, and continue doing it in the best ways.

All the government areas and health services keep working hardly to turn off this fire, that definitely changed the History of humanity. We have a huge responsibility, of how it’s going to be our way of living when all of this is over. We should be more empathic with our communities, even more as architects. Our jobs changes the way people lives, and I think that is the most important thing in our profession.  Finally the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, we are anxious to get back and continue building the new ideas for to improve our cities, and specially this city, New York.

Diego Perez


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