1 Year of the most incredible experience of my life

Hello Hello,

Yes, I did it 1 year, living in the USA. It passed quickly, it seems like yesterday that I got on that plane, leaving family, friends and my beloved country. Surely the Nathalie who arrived in Vero Beach twelve months ago is not the same one who is here today writing. During that year, I had the most incredible, difficult, disappointing and wonderful experiences at the same time. I learned a different language, I learned deal alone with everything, I learned to deal with inches and foot that it’s different from mine, I traveled a lot, I made new friends, I had the biggest love disappointment, I learned to surf, meditate and grow up so much.

This past month, I spent my first Christmas away from my family, the blood one, but I spent it with my new family here, the one I chose to have. Of course, it’s not the same thing, but it was wonderful and different. We went to the church and I saw one of the most amazing opera shows of my life, it was beautiful.

I spent the New Year in Miami with my roommate and some friends who came from New York, we had a lot of fun. We went to some New Years’ Eve parties and stayed up to watch the sunrise. I made several friends there, Miami is a city with a huge diversity of people, I met people from Venezuela, Russia, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Americans from other states, Brazilians and much more.

Today I live with an incredible friend, her dog and facing the sea. Yes, I live in a paradise and living a dream. I am very happy to have decided to come here.

Next weekend I’m going to Salt Lake City, Utah to ski. Some friends from Brazil are coming to see me and enjoy the snow. I’m excited to see them again and get to know a new state and ski in a place I’ve never been to. I’m not very good, but I love it.

Nathalie Hellmich

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