Riding a bike around NYC

Even though weather has changed like crazy in NYC, last weekend it was an amazing day to ride a bike around the city! These past years the city has been improving the Hudson River Park from the very north of the island to Battery Park. These park is really nice and long and a very safe route to ride a bike through.

Throughout the city there are a lot of Citibike posts where you can rent a bike with your phone for 3$ for every 30 minutes. There is also an option to get the bike for the whole day, and I believe it is only $8, so maybe worth it. It is a great way of experiencing the city, since you can ride and park wherever and whenever, it is truly very convenient! It is also not more than the subway if you take it more than a couple of times on the same day… I think it is a good plan to just grab a bike and go to Downtown, then maybe Soho and finally up to Central Park

I live in Midtown west so I took a Citibike close to my home and rode down to Battery Park in Downtown. There was not a lot of people in the path and honestly, something I would like to do some other time, instead of taking the subway it is much better to ride the bike if you have the time! It is not that much more expensive and really worth the experience. Also you feel a little bit more connected to nature, which is kind of difficult to do here in New York!

When I arrived to Battery Park, I strolled around FiDi, where I haven’t been much and also checked out Stone Street, which is an Irish street with lots of energy and very different to the rest of the neighborhood. What I like most about NYC is that every single neighbourhood is different from one another here, and it is really cool to explore the streets. Definitely should visit if around!

Arantza Ardanza

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