The Egg explosion

The day an egg exploded at my company it was funny but I got a real burn. It was a normal day, everything was happening as always, a lot of work, many calls. We have my office in industry city, and the truth is I am very happy to say that although it is a long journey, it is appreciated to have time for you. At the end the day is tough, but the idea of ​​having 30 minutes for you gives a lot to think about, and above all to read.
My day to day focuses on taking the subway on the upper east side and getting off in the heart of Brooklyn. It is something shocking because the truth is that not only do the people who get on and off the subway and the subway change, but the environment itself. You enter with a subway full of people who work in finance, which have already been downloaded by Canal Street, and at the following stops, there are only Latinos and people of color as well as from other cultures. I do not want to sound racist, it is what it is, and that gentlemen, it is Manhattan, not me. Well I’m going to what was going, the egg. When I got to my office everything was going smoothly until it was my time to plant at lunch time. It had salad, and a boiled egg that had been boiled the day before. Well, to my surprise, when I heated it in the microwave, and the hammer of the exploding fork. But I do not explode, there is a yolk, no, that was a bomb, it seemed that they had put a grenade inside.
The problem was that when the egg was boiled and then heated, the egg holes that had air heated and compressed oxygen was created, which caused the explosion effect. The reality was a sound to pump, joined by a rain of orange bud with which not only bathe me, but the entire office.

Marta Barcia

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