New York Job Opportunities for architects

Once you get the job we will be happy to sponsor your J1 Visa through our J1 Visa Program  and help you and your  Host Company with all the official paperwork related to making your American Dream come true.

Have a look at our Job & Career Resources Hub where you can find actionable eGuides with topics such as Salary Negotiations, Difficult Interview Questions to Ace, Creating an Enthralling and Captivating Portfolio, and many more career development resources and tools to reach your true potential as a well-rounded architect.

And take into consideration Architect-US recommendations where you will find guidance and tips that will multiply your chances of success with your job hunting. Do not hesitate to share our contact information if a potential employer shows interest in your candidacy or have questions about the visa process!

Please be aware that these job opportunities are provided as a resource for our community to find employment on their own. If you want Architect-US finds you a job opportunity you have to register in our Job+J1 Visa Program

Project Architect

Goshow Architects / Friday, August 25th

Architectural Lighting Designer

KGM Architectural Lighting / Tuesday, August 24th

Intermediate Architect

Desai Chia Architecture / Tuesday, August 24th

Project Architect / Project Manager

Nandinee Phookan Architect, P.C. / Wedenesday, August 23rd

Intermediate Architect

Andrew Berman Architect / Tuesday, August 15th

Senior Project Manager (Architect)

STUDIOHOWE / Tuesday, August 15th

Junior Design Intern

Piccione Design / Monday, August 14th

Project Architect/Manager

WAKE design + development / Sunday, August 13th

Junior Architectural Designer

Oliver Cope Architect, LLC / Friday, August 11th

Interior Architect

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects / Thursday, August 10th

Architectural Designer

Carlton Architecture PC / Wednesday, August 9th

Intermediate Architect/Designer

DXA Studio / Monday, August 7th

Architectural Designer I

Morris Adjmi Architects / Monday, August 7th

Project Manager / Senior Architect

Think Wilder Architecture PLLC / Monday, August 7th

Project Architect

reBuild Workshop / Sunday, August 6th

Interior Designer

Studio GAIA / Saturday, August 5th

Senior Project Architect

1100 Architect / Wednesday, August 2nd

Project Manager

Alexander Zilberman Architecture P.C. (AZA) / Wednesday, August 2nd

Project Architect

Goshow Architects / Wednesday, August 2nd

Interior Designer

Andrew Wilkinson – Architect PLLC / Tuesday, August 1st




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