getaway to upstate NY

Day getaway to upstate NY!

I just started working at MEIS in New York City, and although the city itself is amazing, I wanted to explore a little more the surroundings, this is why, last weekend I went upstate, to a small town by the Hudson River called Cold Spring. It was very nice and familiar. It seemed to be more of a summer getaway place than a winter one, so most of the restaurants and shops were closed. Still, I enjoyed it a lot and will definitely go back the following spring/summer!
After lunch, I took a free shuttle bus to the Magazine Italian Art Museum, which features a collection named «Arte Povera: From the Olnick Spanu Collection». The museum was completed in June 2017, and is designed by the Spanish architect Miguel Quismondo -who previously collaborated with renowned Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza in the design and construction of the Olnick Spanu House.

This getaway to upstate NY was full of activities. After the museum visit, which was very enriching, both cultural and architectural wise, I took the train again to go to Beacon, which is another town by the Hudson. As Cold Spring, it had a special charm and even though it was bigger, it still had the coziness of a small town.

From Beacon, I took the train back to the city. It was an amazing getaway to upstate NY and not as cold as one might think!

Arantza Ardanza


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