-1 My first step to the City of Angels

Finally here we are, one day left from this new experience in LA.

Almost two years ago I was finishing my studies, then my first big opportunity. An international architectural firm in Milan. I really liked that job, staying in my own country, with my family and my friends.. but I always been so curious, for everything! ..since when I was a child and I knew I wanted something more.

An experience in the USA? At the beginning everything was so far, I really had no idea how to to start this dream. I was wondering to myself “how can I do that”. There were good opportunities in Los Angeles, my favourite city, but the question was always the same. It was about the Visa, the  highest wall in front of me.

So one day, talking with one of my collegues from university in Madrid, she told me about Architect-US. (thank you Giada!) They helped me to find the right way in order to obtain the visa for this amazing experience in the States. A professional and very reliable company. After less than two months my dream is now reality and my one way flight to LA is tomorrow!

I have no words to thank Achitect-US team for this Trainee opportunity, my american dream is starting now! I can only encourage anyone who is thinking about training or internship position program in the US, because the best way to do that is through Architect-US. Thank you again.

Daniele Lo Presti

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