It is Christmas time!


Christmas is here! I love this time of the year. Being here I feel like in an American Christmas movie! It’s so exciting walking around Manhattan and seeing all the lights from the shops and the salesman on the streets singing Christmas songs and selling Christmas trees ready them and take them home. I have been thinking of buying one and have the experience decorating the typical real American Christmas tree. But just to think that I should have to carry all by myself home made me changed my mind. Too much for my first Christmas in the city, I am content with simply observing them from the windows next year if I am still here, who knows that would bring me the future, I will get one, I promise!

We haven’t had much snow yet, but I am hoping it will come soon! Snow in this time of the year make the city so special and so beatiful! I am willing to see snow in central park and walk around! It would be one of my dreams come true!

Other huge thing here is people buying gifts for the family and friends, the other I went to see the Rockefeller tree and it was the crowds’ time I have ever seen 5th avenue and all that area. It took me 20 min to walk just one block, it was insane!  I knew Christmas time in NYC was famous, but I never expected to be like that! Besides that, the lights and music where really beautiful and It was worth it to see it. Here is a picture that shows exactly how is the atmosphere here! I feel really lucky to be here and spend Christmas time in NYC!

Next week we will have the Christmas party at the office I am so excited, I will post how it went! They are working hard preparing everything!

Maria Diego

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