When the reality exceeded fiction!

I have been in different countries and always there is something that impresses me in each place, but I must say that this time after seeing this project I was speechless! This is the kind of design that you only can see once in a blue moon. It is so impressive that you can not realize if it is truth or a dream.

This unusual and amazing structure is a new redevelopment project and landmark in Manhattan – New York, and it is called The Vessel! It is amazing how the designer created it and its location is perfect. You can start walking through the High Line, watching the landscape building, which transmits a lot of emotions and gives you different perspectives of the city.

Suddenly, when you are reaching the end of the High Line you might think well it was a great experience and it’s going to end but it is not! That was just the beginning, the truth experience is just about to start! This imposing structure steals all eyes and for a second you will think that you are part of a realistic render. It is unbelievable to realize that this is really happening.

To sum up, this unusual shape invites you to climb it and the main difference between the High Line its that the Vessel shows you a new perspective of New York City from a same point but in different heights and angles, also you can see the Hudson River. Definitely, It is the best architectural experience I have ever lived.

Gianina Aldazábal

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