First month in NYC : restaurants and museums!

Hi there!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I arrived in New York!

I have met amazing new people and discovered so many new places!

I have settled in and gotten used to the New York life. My apartment is very nice, and it is in a great location. I live with two roommates who are super kind: an American girl and a French student who is about my age. I feel so lucky to have met them and I have been able to meet many new friends through them!

My internship at GMS started well too. As soon as I arrived, I was warmly received by all the co-workers. My job is to help structural engineers on their projects. The scope of GMS projects is very varied: construction of towers, tunnels, luxury houses, rehabilitation or extension of buildings… I don’t have a lot of knowledge in structural design yet, so I have a lot to learn before getting efficient. I feel that I have already learned so much more than in school, it is extremely interesting!

On weekends, I enjoyed visiting the city. In the first weeks, I walked around the streets in almost every neighborhoods from Bronx to Harlem to Brooklyn and even New Jersey. It is impressive to see how much neighborhoods can be so different and yet so close to each other. I guess my favorite one is Greenwich village, where I live! I also visited lots of museums! My first impression of New York City is that it is almost only about museums and restaurants. I was impressed by the number of nice and cozy restaurants in the streets. It makes me want to try them all!

For a little change of scenery, I went to Montreal for a weekend. I was excited to see two good friends from school that I haven’t seen in a while. They showed me around the entire city. It was cold but so beautiful with all the snow. My favorite part was walking across the fields in the Mont Royal Park. With the thick layer of snow and the forest, it reminded me a little bit of winter in the Alps, only smaller!

I am now looking forward to spring!

Sarah Ropert


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