Summer is around the corner and this year I had the opportunity to join the BBB softball team since the beginning of the season. It has been so much fun!

Sports are definitely a keystone of the BBB Culture so this year the firm is playing its 20th season in the EDSO league, one of the oldest co-ed softball leagues in the city of New York.

From the East River Park to the Central Park Great Lawn fields, ball games let you experience some of the most lively and unique green spaces of the city while connecting with your colleagues and making new friends. All teams in this league have a very diverse background, from architecture firms to tech-companies to running clubs, which makes it more interesting.

Baseball is without a doubt the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic and softball rules are pretty similar so it was easy for me to get going. Usually games are scheduled once per week, sometimes twice per week, and every game is officiated by a certified referee assigned by the league. Each team has an average of 10-15 people who rotate every couple of innings, if needed. A regulation game shall consist of 7 innings, using slow-pitching technique (a slow arc of 6-12 feet) that makes it easier for the batter.

Things never get tense in the field since, it’s a very relaxed environment where everybody is just having a good time. It’s also an entertaining, healthy and fun after-work activity and going to the field in the middle of the week makes your week seem shorter!

Harold De la Rosa

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