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The 3 main exclusions of the J1 Visa program

The J1 Visa program has numerous benefits to participants looking to gain a cross-cultural experience in an American firm. An experience which will provide you with tools and skill sets from experienced professionals within the field that you will be able to carry on throughout your professional career. However, as our program is overseen by the Department of State, there are a regulations that we must adhere to. With the help of our sister company –ASSE– we make sure that our program participants and host companies involved all comply with these regulations. That way we make sure that whichever company which you will begin working with, is up to the necessary standards that will give you the best experience possible. At Architect-US we also want to ensure that our participants -who enroll in our program or are just looking for J-1 Visa sponsorship – are able to get the right placement and all the help necessary throughout the visa issuance process and are given orientation for getting into the States. That way they meet all the necessary requirements and they can have the guidance they need to make this dream a reality. Since we have had some questions on this topic in the past, we wanted to share with you the 3 things which the program must not include under any circumstance.

1. Prohibited Positions

Participants may NOT (intern or trainee) participate in casual or unskilled labor positions. They also cannot take part in any type of position which provides any sort of therapy, counseling, care for another person, or medical and/or clinical help. Examples include physical therapy, speech therapy, dentistry, etc.).

2. Notoriety or Dispute

Our team strives to give you the best experience possible and we want to make sure that is beneficial to the host companies involved as well. That is why, we will not condone any sort of businesses or occupations which may bring you or the program into dispute or notoriety.

3. Recruitment

We cannot engage staffing or employment agencies to recruit or screen our program participants. That means that a third-party placement is out of the question!

So, if you have any other questions or doubts about the program make sure to let somebody in our team know and we will help you along the way. There are a lot of moving parts to the program but that is why our team is here to help you with every step.


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