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The questions you ask yourself as an architect?

Architecture is a changing practice and one that will require you to adapt to as time goes on. There are technological advancements being made everyday and we are seeing more and more exchange between different cultures and communities. It is important that you ask yourself questions about the biggest challenges that you as young professionals are facing today and the community which surrounds us. A well-designed space is one that is designed for everyone, not just a select group of individuals. So, how are you going about to address questions which target issues like these? If you are among the designers that want to strengthen the communication and collaboration between different cultures and ethnicities, a program like the J1 Visa program is one that you should consider. Architectural practices today are seeing the value in which the engagement of communication across all of society is bringing. You may be stepping into the unknown while doing so, but it is the only way that you will truly immerse yourself in an environment that will bring solutions to current problems. You have to remember that we are not perfect, and we are not always going to get everything right, in other words, be open to failure as an option.

It is your responsibility as a developing architect to see the connections which multi-cultural settings bring. Something which is overlooked by many in the profession today. With a growth of immigration in today’s society, we have to be committed in being part of the creation of a dynamic working environment between different races, backgrounds, and nationalities. Making a positive impact and targeting socioeconomic, demographic, ethnic and climate-related problems have become key factors in making a substantial turn in the right direction. Providing a setting for multiculturalism to take place by modifying the way flow and dynamic of the workday will contribute to the intellectual growth and expansionism that will drive architecture in a positive direction. The J1 Visa program was designed for that specific purpose. To break the boundaries between different cultures and widening the perspective in a growing cross-cultural world. Remember to always ask yourself questions throughout the course of your career. Take the time to step away from problems of your own and reflect on the problems which others have. The Job+J1 visa program will not only bring benefits for your self-development but create opportunities to tackle problems on a bigger scale. So, think about it, what type of designer do you want to be? How will you approach the problems that we face today?


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