Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle : A Love and Loss Monument

It is so fascinating and amusing when we witness and hear love stories that stood out even though it turned out tragic halfway through. Here the Boldt Castle story.

There is a castle in a heart named and shaped island in Jefferson County that tells a story of love, the Boldt Castle. There are also other structures in the island, the Alster Tower and the Power House. The island was owned before by an American Millionaire, George Boldt. He started constructing the Castle in 1900 but has to stop when his wife died, Louise Kehrer Boldt. After his wife died, the construction halted in 1904 and nobody has seen George Boldt there since then. The castle was unfinished, and it stood the test of time. He made it as a monument of his love for her. This is like the story of the Taj Mahal, but the difference was it is finished, and Boldt Castle was not.

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority bought the castle and they have it restored. They tried to maintain the original Châteauesque Style of the Castle but a few restorations were made modern, that includes the stained glass dome, grand staircase woodwork, and the marble floor. There is a nearby boathouse from which the visitors will go first to get to Heart Island via ferry, boat or tour boat. It is seasonally open to the public with a certain fee from May to October.

The castle has so many intricate designs and you will really see how much George loved his wife, Louise. There are lots of people who make sure that the castle is well maintained inside and out. The landscaping and greeneries are very picturesque. You will enjoy the quietness and calmness of the place overlooking the St. Lawrence River.

The Boldt Castle is now a major historical landmark and museum in Jefferson County which will stay for a lifetime with it’s beauty and magnificence, enclosing the love and loss story of George Boldt and Louise Kehrer Boldt.

Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.


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