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History and Culture of S9 Architecture

S9 Architecture is a team of 70 designers dedicated to giving form to our client’s pragmatic needs, with a unique design approach rooted in “modern contextualism” and inspired by urban narratives. Rejecting pre-conceived ideas and stylistic preoccupations, each design solution is informed by programmatic, physical, environmental, economic and contextual forces.  They believe their projects are part of a larger whole, acting as glue that helps bind and enhance their context for human experiences.

Their design narratives include projects of all sizes, programs and complexities. Each project is unique to its context and it’s environment. They collaborate with our clients to understand their vision and goals, and utilize their design approach to achieve this through buildings and places that strengthen and improve the urban and human experience.

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S9 Architecture sought to celebrate New York City’s venerable and varied architectural precedents with the building’s design. 111 Varick’s stepped massing evokes the classic setbacks found on Gotham’s early skyscrapers, while the facade stylishly reinterprets the industrial aesthetic of the loft buildings nearby. The gridded fenestration pattern and a palette of industrially-inspired materials such as glass and blackened steel echoes the buildings in the surrounding vicinity.

The use of sculptural elements in dark, pre-cast concrete adds a dimensional aspect to the grid, creating an undulating surface that captures the interplay of light and shadow. The site’s prominent corner location on a public plaza allows unobstructed street-level vantages of the building’s traditional form, cloaked within this dynamically textured facade.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

S9 Architecture‘s Selected Projects


CLIENT: Steiner NYC. SCOPE OF WORK: architecture. SIZE: 295,000 SF. LOCATION: 3 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY. STATUS: built. PROGRAM: retail, mixed use.

Admiral’s Row activates a portion of Brooklyn’s historic Navy Yard with contextually sensitive retail, commercial, and light industrial space, rendering this corner site open to the public for the first time. S9 Architecture designed three new buildings for this project led by developer Steiner NYC, including a Wegmans supermarket, one of Brooklyn’s largest grocery stores. The project scope also includes the rehabilitation of two historic structures, Building B and the Timber Shed, which will house retail and community facilities. To enact the project’s intended program on city-owned land, S9 Architecture worked with municipal and state agencies to secure zoning variances and design approvals. The project will open in 2019 and is slated to achieve LEED Silver certification.

S9 Architecture looked to the surrounding industrial structures to establish a design vocabulary and scale consistent with the nearby buildings. This modern industrial aesthetic is expressed in the buildings’ grid-like facades, and through materials like weathered steel, painted metal, and fiberglass. A meticulous reconstruction of the damaged Timber Shed utilizes historic materials including reclaimed bricks and wooden beams. Structures are arranged around the perimeter of the site, concealing the 700-spot parking plaza within. Street-facing buildings employ translucent facades and storefronts to provide a continuous streetwall and an enhanced pedestrian experience. Landscaping by Future Green enriches the site with planting strips and open seating areas, while existing trees are preserved in planting beds made from salvaged industrial materials.

Admiral’s Row brings improved access to healthy food, public green space, community resources, and new jobs to this corner crossroads where downtown meets revitalized manufacturing district. Though conceived in relation to the Navy Yard’s existing campus, this site offers something different by inviting the public in to explore the history and future of this once closed-off domain.

Photos by S9 Architecture


CLIENT: Jamestown Properties. SCOPE OF WORK: architecture. SIZE: 150,000 SF. LOCATION: 1 Times Square, New York, NY. STATUS: Under Construction. PROGRAM: retail, entertainment.

S9 Architecture’s design for the redevelopment of the iconic One Times Square aims to redefine the building’s identity while reinforcing its history and creating a new, high- tech multipurpose visitor center for all. Having been unoccupied for years, One Times Square, will undergo a dramatic transformation to house a one of a kind program, including a museum where visitors will learn about the history of Times Square, luxury hotel suites, and wedding floor where marriage ceremonies will be performed. A cantilevered observation deck will offer visitors a brand-new perspective of the city.

The design for the redevelopment of One Times Square has is a project done is close collaboration with New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City’s Department of Transportation, Times Square Alliance and Community Board 5.

Photos by S9 Architecture


CLIENT: Madison Capital. SCOPE OF WORK: architecture, interior design. SIZE: 34,000 SF. LOCATION: 606 Broadway. New York, NY. STATUS: built. PROGRAM: retail, office. AWARDS: BOY Interior Design Magazine. Finalist. 2017.

At the high-profile corner of Broadway and East Houston Street, 606 Broadway will mend a blighted tear in the urban streetscape by transforming an underutilized site into a symbolic gateway to SoHo. The wedge-shaped lot had been left vacant since the 1930s when existing buildings were razed to lay trolley tracks along Houston Street. S9 Architecture developed an innovative design for the site that leverages its prominent location and unique spatial challenges to invigorate the area’s architectural landscape. The six-story, mixed-use building will bring 34,000 sf of prominently-positioned retail and office space to this destination shopping district, and will serve as a new icon of SoHo, enriching the neighborhood’s character by linking its past and future.

606 Broadway is designed around the concept of the ‘slice,’ a dynamic architectural gesture that highlights how cycles of demolition and development sculpt the urban grid. The glass curtain wall of the 200-foot East Houston Street façade exposes the articulation of the building’s inner members to suggest where the widening of East Houston Street once sheared away a portion of the original lot. A multi-floor atrium activates the narrow end of the wedge where East Houston meets Broadway, replacing the blind sidewall of the current site with a high-impact branding opportunity for the anchor retail tenant.

Sited within a landmarked district, 606 Broadway pays homage to the details, textures, and proportions of the surrounding 19th century buildings. The sliced East Houston Street façade is punctuated at intervals by recessed frit glass and aluminum window bays that reference the setback windows of the neighborhood’s cast iron façades. The Crosby Street façade blends in with the adjoining historic buildings by adopting a contemporary take on the architectural details that give this neighborhood its distinctive appearance.

Photos by S9 Architecture

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