Visit to the TWA hotel landmark

My family came to visit me to NY and we have a wonderful experience when we decided to have our last night together at the TWA Hotel in the JFK airport. But this is not just a regular hotel because it is actually terminal. Yes, a terminal that was built in 1962 by the Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen as one of the most revolutionized buildings of the time. Keeping its modern brutalism, this architect achieved creating a space where the rectangular angles are not a protagonist anymore. Where curves and symmetry might be owners of this artwork.

Then in the 90s, this building was inactive but declared as landmark, which prevented any demolition. On the 2015, some smart guys decided to restore what it looks an old building and transform it into a hotel, but with the spirit of the terminal that TWA once own. They create this concept of airport hotel experience in the 60’s terminal. They rescued an old airplane of TWA and adapt it as a restaurant. In the interior of the building they kept the waiting area (transformed in a bar), the counters, the flight schedule table and the beautiful clock on the top of the shell.

In our own experience, we can tell you how amazing it is to go back in time. To see all this art deco furniture made you believe you were part of the 60’s. The space is wide open, full of light and movement from anyone that it’s just passing by because they need to take a flight. Then from the main building, there are two long pipe shape, red carpet corridors that take you to the rooms that are in other two buildings that embrace the main terminal. In one of the buildings there is a rooftop with a pool where you can see all the takeoffs and landings of one of the busiest airports in the world.

At the end, we have such a time appreciating this artwork and the best part is that you don’t need to stay at the hotel, you just can visit anytime you pass by the JFK. I highly recommend it.

Juan Fawcett

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