I have to spend $20 in a drink because my apartment is tiny

Is there any relationship between the price of a drink in NYC and the size of the apartments? I think there is.

Finding an apartment in this city is a crazy task. When I first moved to Manhattan I had to visit more than twenty apartments until I found the perfect one for me.

In the process of seeking my perfect home, I visited many places. Most of them were very expensive and really small. Finally, I got an apartment that I can afford with enough space to have a kitchen, a bed, and a coach.

Although my idea was to have a place where my friends could occasionally visit me, my apartment is not that big. I have the perfect space for myself but not for meeting my friends and having a drink in my living room every Saturday night.

Therefore, whenever I want to hang out with my friends I have to go somewhere else. I can not invite them to my place because we do not have enough room. My apartment is beautiful but tinyIn Manhattan, the average price of a drink is $15. It can be more expensive depending on the place. I usually expend around $20 because I love going to fancy places. Anyway, if I decide to meet my friends on a Saturday night I can not meet them in my apartment so we have to go to a bar, a restaurant or a club. That means, at least $40 if I have two drinks. Thus, I spend a lot of money on drinks just because my living room is small.

 Thinking about this situation, I can imagine how the prices of the drinks in Manhattan are actually increasing as the apartments are smaller and smaller. If the apartments are getting reduced the prices could be crazy expensive because anyway, people would like to spend time with their friends so they will waste this money on drinks.

This is a situation where the architecture actually influences the price of something that has nothing to do with it.


Nieves Calvo


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