Chapter 0: From Madrid to San Diego

   One year ago, I was wondering me, what could I do with my profesional life to improve it?, which would be my goal in the next few years?. After spending almost 4 years in Germany, working as architect, I wanted to change my life, live new experiences, move to another country where I could develop myself, my English and explore a new culture. I would never have thought that I would end up in US, with a little bit of help.

  I started looking for some opportunities, everything sounded great, until I realized how complicated was to get a “Visa“. Every time that cursed word appeared in each job position as an impassable wall. After one month strugeling  with it, I found “Architects-US” and his J1-Visa+ Work program.

   It was exactly what I was looking for. They not only helped me to improve my CV and portfolio, they were also offering me different interviews, asking me first what were my expectations and goals, what kind of architecture I was interested in (interior design, large scale, sustainability design…) and trying to find the best offers that would suit me better. They guided me during the interview process, with the host company, with some tips, taking care of the appointments and keeping me inform the whole time.

   After two Skype interviews with the same company and a couple of mails, I got an opportunity in San Diego (California) at HMC Architects. As soon as I accepted, the Architects-US team began with the Visa Bureaucracy (I only had to sign and send a couple of documents). It took no longer than 1 month the whole process and they took care of almost everything.

   Nowadays, after my visit to the US embassy in order to get finally my J1-Visa, I’m packing my luggage, collecting all my summer clothes and my guitar to start this new challenge in San Diego. I still have to say goodbye to my family and my friends, (It will be probably “see you later” because i will encourage them to visit me in order to explore this country where I am going to spend the next years).

   I have to thanks the whole Architects-US team for the help and support (I was always sending email with any doubt I had). My “American Dream” is about to start and it wouldn’t be possible without them. I would like to encourage anyone who has in mind the idea of a trainning/trainee program in US that this is the bettter and faster way to do it.

Alberto Lozano

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