Domino Park – Family visit

This past week my family came to New York. They stayed 10 days, and even though I was working during the day, I tried to show them as much as I could on the evenings and the weekends. Obviously, they loved it here!

It was their first time in the city, and as such, I felt a lot of responsibility as to what to visit, where to go, what to do… During weekdays, they visited the most iconic landmarks that NY has to offer (Top of the Rock, Empire State, 9/11 Memorial, Central Park…). But on the weekends I tried to plan the days and go to places where you would not normally go on a first trip (and that are definitely not on the tourist guides!).

One of the days we took the Subway to the Oculus, and from there we walked down Brooklyn Bridge, and strolled around Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights. We had brunch there, and later, we took the Ferry to go to Williamsburg. It is a neighborhood they really liked. We explored a little bit the small shops and the streets there and finally we went to Domino Park, which is a recently opened park near former the Domino Sugar Refinery. Watching the sun set from there is something I usually do when it is nice out. You can see the whole skyline of Manhattan and there is usually not a lot of people there. In the picture you can see Manhattan from Domino Park!

My family definitely enjoyed the city and the little not-as-touristy spots that they discovered!

Arantza Ardanza

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